Expert Witness, Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We have long standing experience in dealing with disputes in relation to the special ownerships that can arise with minerals and land.

Our Chartered Mineral Surveyors are experienced and qualifed in Expert Witness, Mediation, Arbitration and Court Proceedings from Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) through to Chancery and Family Divisions of the High Court and Court of Appeal. We have a number of RICS Registered Expert Witnesses  within our team. We fully understand our duties to the Courts or relevant Tribunal and adherence to the RICS Practice Statement on acting as Expert Witnesses. We have acted as Independent Experts, Single Joint Experts, Mediators and Arbitrators.

We have advised on matters such as:

  • Valuation disputes
  • Ownership of minerals, mineral rights and trespass
  • Manorial rights and copyhold minerals
  • Boundary disputes
  • Matrimonial disputes
  • Compensation
  • Compulsory Acquisition
  • Rent and Royalty review disputes through both Expert Determination and Arbitration
  • Landlord and Tenant disputes, including lease variations, assignments and breach of covenant.
  • Planning disputes and Appeals


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Simon Chaffe – 07825 700762